Best Practices in Operating Freestanding Imaging Centers: Enhancing Patient Capture Through Paperless Registration

This case study is the first in our series Best Practices in Operating Freestanding Imaging Centers. Read on the discover how to enhance your organization's patient capture rate. 

In healthcare, the efficient management of patient data and appointments is essential for providing quality care. When a patient misses a scheduled medical appointment, it can lead to delays in care, wasted resources, and downstream financial implications. This no-show phenomenon affects both administrative and clinical aspects of healthcare delivery, thus emphasizing the importance of patient attendance for effective and efficient care.  



Patient capture refers to a patient attending their scheduled medical appointment. Outpatient Imaging Affiliates (OIA), a joint venture partner to hospitals seeking comprehensive outpatient imaging services, aimed to improve patient capture rates across its locations. To do so, OIA instituted paperless registration, whereby patients complete their pre-examination paperwork online prior to arriving at their appointment. OIA examined the impact of using paperless registration on patient capture rates across a 90-day period.  


Across a 90-day period, the percentages of appointments that were completed and the percentage of appointments that were canceled, rescheduled or no-shows across 10 OIA managed imaging markets were recorded (percentages can be accessed via the form below).

OIA found that patients were more likely to keep and complete their imaging appointments if they filled out their pre-examination paperwork online prior to arriving at their appointment, rather than waiting to complete the paperwork on paper when they arrived at the medical center. Patients were prompted to complete the advance paperwork with a text message reminder.  


Implementing paperless registration can improve patient capture rates across imaging modalities and decrease appointment cancellations and no-shows.  The adoption of paperless registration has greater implications as it can further lead to greater interoperability, streamline patient data management, and optimize operational efficiency (including maximizing resource and schedule utilization). By embracing paperless registration solutions, healthcare providers can drive positive changes in their operations, mitigate financial losses, and more importantly, drive patient outcomes. 

About OIA 

Founded in 2000, Outpatient Imaging Affiliates (OIA) provides comprehensive outpatient imaging services at 63 sites across 20 markets in 15 states. OIA partners with healthcare providers, such as health systems, academic medical centers, and radiology groups, to develop, market and operate quality, patient-friendly, service-oriented free-standing ambulatory imaging centers. Their strength is in their dedication to excellence in serving the needs of patients, referring physicians, employees, and venture partners.

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