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IDTF Operations

Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF) serve the needs of patients while providing outpatient imaging services. With OIA, we will manage your imaging center’s day-to-day operations based on The Five Pillars of Operational Excellence, our extensive imaging center experience and the goals of our partners. The foundation of each center is a customer service culture designed to exceed the expectations of referring physicians and their patients.

Working under the direction of the center’s Board of Directors, OIA’s principal responsibility is to manage, supervise, and direct all non-medical aspects of the center on a day-to-day basis. The roadmap for a center’s operations is an annual management plan and corresponding budget that is presented to and approved by all venture partners. It includes the following:

OIA oversees the recruitment, hiring, training and supervision of all center technical, marketing and administrative staff including payroll administration, benefit issues, training, and the implementation of an annual incentive program for all staff.

OIA provides for your center the ability to operate in a consumer driven, entrepreneurial environment that can successfully compete with your more agile competitors, OIA will implement its operational policies and procedures that govern patient scheduling, reception, wait time parameters, report transcription and turnaround, patient and referring physician satisfaction, and internal/external information management processes.

OIA will work with its partners to develop, implement and monitor all center level quality assurance, credentialing, accreditation, and licensing requirements. These programs will be managed in concert with federal and state requirements related to these types of outpatient services.

OIA will manage the equipment specification and selection process, service contracts and facilitate any modifications or renovations to the center.  OIA will perform a feasibility and breakeven analysis for any equipment (replacement or upgrade) and negotiate the associated financing of all capital expenditures.

OIA, working alongside our partner’s contracting team, will ensure the center is fully credentialed with all relevant payors at a reasonable, but competitive, reimbursement level. OIA will continue to monitor payors to ensure compliance and look for new revenue streams where applicable.

OIA takes pride in its communication with partners providing reports and dashboards on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.   OIA’s communication gives our partners confidence in our efforts while allowing their focus to be diverted to other projects as needed.

As part of our solution, OIA efficiently and effectively bills and collects patient claims on a global basis.

On monthly basis OIA prepares and distributes detailed financial statements and operational reports that illustrate the actual performance against budgeted expectations. Additionally OIA produces daily reports that track key operating metrics.