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Imaging Center Marketing

Central to the center’s success is a dedicated, sustained sales and imaging marketing effort. OIA will take responsibility for recruiting and training sales and marketing staff and implementing a detailed sales, marketing and promotional plan to meet or exceed budgeted exams for each modality. This will also entail working closely with the radiologists covering the center as their involvement is fundamental to delivering services promised by the center to the referral base.

Radiology Marketing & Promotional Planning

OIA has invested substantial resources in a marketing philosophy that relies on old school relationship building paired with modern day advanced analytics.  Center sales representatives are given the tools to spend their time in the most effective way possible and focus on identifying new opportunities and at-risk referral sources.

Representing the center at medical symposiums, trade shows and relevant community functions.

Conducting regularly scheduled staff in-service programs to elevate the staff’s patient satisfaction skills and sensitivities.

Monitoring physician office referral patterns to be on the alert for new physician inquiries or adverse referral trends that will lead to positive reinforcement measures or corrective action steps