Revolutionize Your Imaging Strategy

A Subpar Imaging Strategy Comes at a Cost

Health systems without strong off-campus outpatient imaging capabilities often report significant issues with patient leakage, payor steerage, and physician satisfaction. Hospitals often cite a lack of capital as a fundamental barrier to improving their strategic position in a competitive outpatient imaging market.

Build for the Future

Through the formation of a joint venture (JV), Outpatient Imaging Affiliates (OIA) offers health systems a unique model for developing high-performing imaging centers. This arrangement minimizes a hospital’s capital outlay and secures financing on a non-recourse basis. This model recaptures business leaking out of the system, expands options for care, and increases imaging volume growth, ensuring that downstream patient revenue does not leave the health system.

A Joint Venture Partnership Reduces the Capital Constraints to Develop an Imaging Center

Ready to Rethink Your Imaging Strategy?

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