UVA Imaging Opens 6th Location in Ivy Mountain

Charlottesville, VA (July 2022) – The University of Virginia Health System began a joint venture (JV) partnership with Outpatient Imaging Affiliates (OIA) in 2002.  The team was able to successfully address a need in the community for a better, more efficient option for imaging and collectively, they have developed five outpatient imaging locations that serve UVA patients from around the world.  Between the five locations, University of Virginia Imaging serves over 100,000 patients annually.

Attached to UVA’s Ivy Mountain Orthopedic Outpatient Care Facility, the JV’s 6th location in Charlottesville, opened earlier this year.  The location offers a wide range of services including MRI, CT, Musculoskeletal ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and X-Ray.”

“The University of Virginia Health System is one of OIA’s longest tenured partners.  We have worked closely with UVA for more than twenty years.” says Cannon King, President and Chief Executive Officer of OIA.  “I believe it is a very strong testament to OIA that UVA continues to grow with OIA as their outpatient imaging partner.

OIA and UVA are excited about the opening of this 5th center, and how it will better serve the patients near Ivy Mountain. To schedule an appointment, call 434-243-9198.