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Often it takes a focused and objective third party to serve as a catalyst in pulling together multiple entities in the development of a diagnostic imaging center. OIA has experience working with hospitals, radiology groups, and academic medical centers in the development and operation of these projects. We have the ability to quickly organize and develop projects while allowing local partners to confidently focus on more pressing priorities. Our experience includes proven methodologies to protect your non-profit status (if applicable), create positive cash flow to your organization, and most importantly, improve the level of patient care in your community.

Outpatient Imaging Affiliates' joint venture model is based on the following general parameters:

  • Structuring each project as a joint venture, typically a Limited Liability Corporation, with OIA and the local partners contributing equity in proportion to ownership.
  • Each center will operate under the direction of a Board of Managers, which is comprised of the venture partners in portion of their ownership interest.
  • All center profits, losses, and cash distributions are shared in proportion to ownership.
  • OIA enters into a long-term agreement to assume responsibility for the management, marketing, payer contracting, and billing & collections functions of the center.
  • Center contracts with Radiology Group for the provision of interpretive services.

Typical Joint Venture Structure