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OIA's assumes responsibility for managing the center's day-to-day operations. Our seasoned management team brings years of successful imaging experience to the project. The foundation of each center is a customer service culture designed to exceed the expectations of referring physicians and their patients. These customer focused services are marketed with OIA's proven techniques for increasing revenue and procedural volume.

Working under the direction of the center's Board of Directors, OIA's principal responsibility is to manage, supervise, and direct all non-medical aspects of the center on a day to day basis. The roadmap for center operations is an annual management plan and corresponding budget that is presented to and approved by all venture partners. This includes the following:

  • Financial Reporting - OIA will prepare and distribute financial statements and operational reports that will summarize actual performance for "key result" areas against budgeted expectations. These reports will be prepared as directed by the venture partners.
  • Staffing - OIA will recruit, hire, train, and supervise all center technical, marketing and administrative staff including payroll administration, benefit issues, training, and the implementation of an annual incentive program for all staff.
  • Policies and Procedures - OIA will develop and implement operational policies and procedures to govern patient scheduling, reception, wait time parameters, report transcription and turnaround, patient and referring physician satisfaction, and internal/external information management processes.
  • Quality Assurance - OIA will assume responsibility for the development, implementation, and perpetual monitoring of all center quality assurance, credentialing, accreditation, and licensing requirements. These programs will be managed in concert with federal and state requirements related to these types of outpatient services.
  • Equipment and Facility Management - OIA will take overall responsibility for negotiating all equipment procurement, service contracts and any modifications or renovations to the center facility. OIA will perform a feasibility and breakeven analysis for any equipment (replacement or upgrades) and negotiate the associated financing of all capital expenditures.
  • Communications - OIA will assure that all required partners and associates are receiving regular written and verbal communications as to the center's mission, annual goals and progress against these goals as such communication is fundamental to the management process.

Central to the center's success is a dedicated, sustained sales and marketing effort. OIA will take responsibility for recruiting and training such staff and implementing a detailed sales, marketing and promotional plan to meet or exceed budgeted exams for each modality. This will also entail working closely with the radiologists covering the center as their involvement is fundamental to delivering services promised by the center to the referral base. Fundamentals of this program include the following:

  • Actively market the center's services through the development of personal relationships with the referring physician and their office staff, and through the implementation of a pre-determined promotional and advertising plan.
  • Develop and constantly update the center's promotional, patient information and procedure ordering materials; make sure, at all times, referring physician offices are well-stocked with this information.
  • Representing the center at all medical symposiums, trade shows and relevant community functions.
  • Conducting regularly scheduled staff in-service programs to elevate the staff's patient satisfaction skills and sensitivities.
  • Monitoring physician office referral patterns to be on the alert for new physician inquiries or adverse referral trends that will lead to positive reinforcement measures or corrective action steps

Customer Service
The long-term success of an outpatient imaging center is dependent on its ability to provide the highest level of patient satisfaction so that it can successfully compete for referrals from satisfied providers. Believing that yesterday's innovations are today's expectations, OIA will utilize its customer service based management expertise to establish a "comfort culture" at each center. It is not just our hope, but our expectation that with every point of contact - from patient scheduling to physician interaction - all parties involved will receive a positive and pleasant experience.

OIA Managed Centers:

  • Provide physician offices with prompt, efficient scheduling of exams, enabling the office staff to schedule patients in the most efficient manner—via the web, telephone, or fax machine. All OIA centers schedule exams rapidly and always accommodate patients who require same-day service.
  • Provide rapid delivery of accurate interpretive reports and exam films. OIA-managed centers ensure reports are received in a timely fashion and that the interpreting physician's office is called with all test results requiring immediate attention.
  • Provide prompt, courteous treatment of patients by a staff that is dedicated to exceptional customer service. OIA centers are located and operated with patient needs in mind. Convenience, easy access and timely service in a warm, patient-friendly environment are the keys to patient satisfaction and the development of a long-term relationship with each referring physician.

Frank and Betty Z***, Patient
"When my husband was sick and we were both scared, the people in your center really made a difference. Your kindness and personal care for us will always be remembered. I hope that you will always be treated by others as well as you treated us. Thank you."

Satisfaction Surveys
The following are actual results of patient and physician satisfaction surveys taken at one of our existing center locations.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results
(Survey of 500 Patient Visits during October 2004)

(Scale from 1 to 5 with 1 = least satisfaction and 5 = highest satisfaction)

Physician Satisfaction Survey Results
(Survey of 22 Referring Physicians during August 2004)

(Scale from 1 to 5 with 1 = least satisfaction and 5 = highest satisfaction)