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Through our centralized administrative office, OIA will provide state-of-the-art billing and collection services to ensure a timely collection of each center's receivables. OIA's billing services division is led by an industry veteran with over 25 years in the healthcare industry - 15 years of which was dedicated to radiology practice management, billing and managed care contract negotiations. Our billing teams are all lead by certified coders in radiology with each team member possessing extensive radiology billing expertise.

For each imaging center location, OIA will establish such operating policies and procedures as required to perform all coding, billing and collection services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Handle all accounts in accordance with standard accounting principles and all applicable laws.
  • Bill each patient account in accordance with the terms of the agreement with the associated payor.
  • Code each patient chart, including ICD-9 and CPT coding.
  • Conduct electronic filing with Medicare, Medicaid and other third-party payors whenever possible.
  • Conduct electronic remittance from Medicare and all other third-party payors whenever possible.
  • Mail patient and payor statements, notices and pre-collection letters.
  • Provide a toll-free "800" phone number to answer phone inquiries concerning patient account information and respond accordingly.
  • Receive all payment and reimbursement notices from bank and post payments to the patient account.
  • Post all contract discounts and adjustments that are required by law or previously authorized.
  • Provide fee schedule consultation, evaluation and development.
  • Provide payor contract review via a written synopsis, historical review, and subsequent conversations with onsite associates.
  • Provide third-party payor credentialing for all necessary provider numbers.
  • File primary, secondary and tertiary insurance for patients and resubmit rejections and no action accounts.
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, annual and special management reporting as directed by partners.
  • Regularly provide current information concerning governmental regulations, third-party payor activities, competition, economic changes and other outside influences.
  • Provide annual charge review including analysis and projections.
  • Provide annual impact analysis of Medicare reductions and/or participation evaluation and recommendation.
  • If it is desired for OIA to forward its unpaid billings to a collection agency, OIA will transmit the information required by the collection agency either by hard copy or electronically, in a mutually acceptable format, as requested by such collection agency, pursuant to instructions provided to OIA.
  • Notify venture of all refund amounts owed for the previous month. Prepare refund checks for individual patients and payors for signature and release.

Information Technology, RIS, PACS
Working in concert with our partner's information technology associates, OIA will coordinate the installation and networking of Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS), tele-radiology, transcription and related systems to assure a smooth and efficient flow of information both within the center and to and from any relevant third parties.

OIA prides itself on its ability to take an available database from one of its joint-venture partners and use that database to integrate outpatient imaging with the larger radiology delivery system. The client does not have to spend its own IT resources bringing the outpatient imaging center on board. OIA builds an interface that lets the imaging center operate within the existing network. This is a process which Decisions in Imaging Economics calls "The Happy Handshake". (Click to view article)